I wrote a couple of poems about the subject of snow and illustrated them with photos I took. In February, winter can be very beautiful if we take the time to notice.


The landscape is dressed like a bride all in white

for a gentle snow has been falling

all throughout the night

coating every single thing in sight.

The graceful trees all trimmed with a flocking of snow,

line the horizon of my backyard and I know

their lovely attire is only for a very short time.

for soon the sun will rise and remove every trace

of all this loveliness and grace

that now appears in this lovely scene,

a vision so beautiful as if in a pleasant dream

will soon be changed again,

and to return again I do not know when

another gentle snow will fall

covering the earth was such an elegant dress.

– Cheri Marlow


There are different kinds of snow.

there is the kind of snow that falls at such a rapid pace,

driven by harsh north winds it stings my face.

This snow is blocking everything in sight,

as you try to reach your destination on a dreary Winters night.

Another kind of snow is the soft and gentle flocking snow.

It coats every tree branch where it may go.

This kind of snow makes such a lovely scene,

it seems to be a landscape in a beautiful dream.

There is the snow in the Winter time that falls

so silently throughout the night, and has a textured so very fine.

It covers the ground in a brilliant color of the purest white,

and with the early morning streaming sunlight

sparkles like diamonds from above,

like a precious gift given with love.

We never know what kind of snow

will be wherever we may go.

When this will happen again, I can only guesss.

Did you ever notice the snow falling on the ground

doesn’t make a single sound?

It removes all the drabnesss of our day,

dressing everything in the purest of white

the gentle snow that can change our life.

– Cheri Marlow

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Thank you for taking time to embrace your creative spirit.

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About the Artist

Cheri Marlow is a graduate of Southern Illinois University with a BA degree in art education.

Her classroom experience teaching elementary and secondary students spanned more than 20 years. At the Midland Center for the Arts, she taught classes and workshops for both children and adults.

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